Writing Great Sales Copy is Hard.

ScriptDoll Makes It Easy.
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Writing Sales Copy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard (anymore).

It doesn’t matter if you write copy for radio, television, print, or the web. If you write copy with the purpose to sell products or services, ScriptDoll is going to be your new Best Friend.

Radio, TV, and Online Video Scripts (VSLs).

One of the most powerful tools out there is the simple Video Sales Letter. Whether you’re doing a simple “text based’ video or a full on “talking head” video we’ve got the copy to power it. You simply insert the information about your product and ScriptDoll writes your script for you. You take everything that SciptDoll creates, read it out loud into a recorder, and you’ve got a pro quality Video or Audio Commercial that’s ready to sell your product or service fast. Most people realize the power of video as a sales tool but have no idea how to actually write the copy and scripts that power these videos. ScriptDoll makes it easy for even the new marketer or entrepreneur.

Long Form Sales Letters

There is absolutely nothing worse than staring at a blank word processor document and wrestling with starting the writing process. The ScriptDoll Copywriting Engine makes it easy to get started by asking you step-by-step questions. These questions will make it easy to be sure you’re targeting the right audience and while you’re answering them, the ScriptDoll Engine will be writing your sales copy for you in the background. The ScriptDoll Engines saves even the most experienced sales script writers hours to days of time and keeps you from having to focus on task like formatting, pacing, or sales message structure. You get to focus on what matters the most (understanding your customer and product) without all the time sucking tasks to go with it.

Email Marketing Sequences

Email marketing is one of the most important forms of customer (and potential customer) communication on the planet. It’s cheap and extremely intimate. The only problem is that most people have no idea how to write mass marketing emails that are effective in selling your products. ScriptDoll makes it easy by writing your emails for you. You simply tell the ScriptDoll Engine a few things about your product and audience and it spits out emails that convert.

And that’s just the beginning of what makes ScriptDoll Powerful…

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